JavaScript Tutorial

  1. Introduction

  2. The Script Tag and HTML

  3. That Document Thing

  4. The document Title Property

  5. A JavaScript Rollover

  6. JavaScript Methods and Events

  7. Testing your Visitor’s Browser

  8. Screen Size, the History Property

  9. Setting up variables in JavaScript

  10. Adding numbers in textboxes

  11. Adding numbers in textboxes (continued)

  12. Javascript If Statements

  13. if … else statements

  14. The Operators, And, Or

  15. JavaScript For Loops

  16. A Times Table Programme

  17. While and Do Loops

  18. Break and Switch Statements

  19. Arrays

  20. The index number of an array

  21. Arrays and Loops

  22. Shuffling the numbers in an Array

  23. Browser Detection

  24. Events – OnMouseDown

  25. JavaScript Events

  26. Functions

  27. Calling other functions within a function

  28. Form Validation

  29. Validate an Email Address

  30. JavaScript and Checkboxes

  31. Validate a Drop Down Box

  32. Validate a List Box

  33. Validate Radio Buttons


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